About Soulfx

Soulfx was founded in 2001 and specializes in product development, user experience design, mobile applications and custom cloud software development.

Our team includes project managers, systems engineers, solution architects, user experience designers, creative designers, interface developers, mobile developers, application developers, database administrators and quality assurance specialists.


Our clients industries include  health sciences, pharmaceutical, financial services, government and education. Clients range from start-ups to Fortune 15 companies. Our clients are located in both the United States and Canada.

Examples of client success include:

  1. Process improvement. We saved a client $400,000 per year by fully automating an order management process.
  2. Ability to scale. An application we developed has 500,000+ users.
  3. Reduced risk. Multiple applications we’ve developed process > $10,000,000 in transactions each year.


Soulfx is an end-to-end custom software development company. We start with research and requirement gathering. Business objectives are closely tied to user experience design requirements. Projects enter the interface and application development phases then proceed through user acceptance testing and quality assurance testing.

Product Development

  • customer requirements
  • business goals
  • technology approach
  • regulatory requirements (if applicable)
  • product-market fit


  • business requirements
  • project planning and management


  • user experience design
  • creative design
  • technical specifications


  • solution architecture
  • database schema design
  • mobile application development
  • cloud software development
  • user acceptance testing
  • application development
  • SaaS development
  • quality assurance

We live where the rubber hits the road. Design and development are our core offering. We mitigate risk with our experience and process. We deliver client success through our experience, knowledge and development methodology.

Need Help with Your Project?

Web design and development are our core offering. Do you need expert advice? Contact Soulfx or call 1-877-827-4555 xt. 228 and we’ll help get you started.