User Experience Design

Our goal is to design user experiences that allow users to achieve goals intuitively, quickly and easily. We develop responsive GUIs and dashboards for applications running on multiple devices.

We follow seven principles:

  1. Focus on user goals. Everything else is a distraction.
  2. User goals are matched with business objectives. We want the user to accomplish a pre-determined task that contributes to a business goal.
  3. Make applications simpler but better.
  4. Employ feedback loops to listen to users and make improvements based on feedback.
  5. Design creative to be holistic with the user experience design (UXD).
  6. Create different experiences on different devices. This reflects how users interact with them in the real world.
  7. Use technologies such as personalization, localization and prediction to improve user interaction.

In a multi-device world, we develop modal user experiences that delights the user, anticipates and guides their next step, then improves over time.

Having Problems Converting Customers?

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