Merchant of Tennis

Shopify integration. Offline and online store share POS for order and inventory management.


After working with the client to create the strategic business objectives, Soulfx led the client through a User Experience Design process. The focus was on a simplified, mobile-first approach using best practices for e-commerce design. Every element on the site has the purpose of driving conversions.

Soulfx developed the new store on the Shopify platform and integrated eStore360 to the offline SmartVendor POS. In addition, Soulfx integrated a number of Shopify plugins to manage product filtering, discounted shipping options and price breaks for volume purchases.


The client manages product and orders from one system since the POS system is integrated with the online store. The site is now fully responsive and customers can place orders on any device. Both the customer experience and the store management process have been streamlined and made easier. Customer feedback on the new design has been positive.

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