How to include Twitter in your corporate social media strategy

Mike Erlindson

This is the third article in a five-part series covering why it’s important to include social media in your corporate website strategy.

Most people don’t have time to write blog posts. The Internet is wasteland for blog posts that started with great enthusiasm that sputtered out years ago. However, blogs are extremely important because they provide relevancy and frequency. Both these factors are highly valued by the Google Algorithm.

Twitter is an easy way to generate content about anything from your company’s services to its corporate culture. You don’t have to be a writer – you just need to fit your message in 140 characters.

Twitter is the one social media channel any businesses can easily manage.

Here are a number of reasons why a corporate Twitter account is important:

  1. Twitter allows you to send out social signals frequently. Google puts a premium on frequency and relevance.
  2. As of February 25, 2015 Google is indexing Twitter tweets in real-time and displaying them in search results.
  3. Just like Google, real visitors get bored with old content. Twitter allows you to update some of the content connected to the site with minimal effort.
  4. As with LinkedIn, Google puts a premium on Twitter for branded searches and ranks highly in search results.
  5. Customers will use it to reach out to you. They’ll endorse your product or express their dissatisfaction. Twitter gives you an opportunity to respond directly and resolve issues quickly. You can turn a negative into a positive. Here’s an example how Twitter can improve your customer relations. This is a Twitter exchange between United Airlines and Rory McIlroy after his golf clubs went missing on a flight. Notice how Fedex jumps in to offer their services.
  6. Twitter gives you the ability to comment on trends and events in real-time. (See the point above about frequency and relevance.)
  7. You can easily embed Twitter tweets into your own content.

You can create your Twitter business profile here or watch the video for setting up a Twitter account here.

This is the third in a five part series about including social media in your corporate website strategy.

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