Why you should include social media in your corporate website strategy – Part 1 of 5

Mike Erlindson

Our clients often ask why they should incorporate social media into their Web presence. We work with clients across a spectrum of industries and some industries are more up-to-speed than others. They’ll tell us their industry is too conservative and they don’t understand social media. Or they’ll tell us they don’t have the resources to manage a social media campaign.

These are all valid points. There are a number of reasons why it’s critically important for you to take ownership of your social media channels and control the messaging to your prospects, customers, future employers and industry network.

The social media channels profiled here are important because of the number of users each channel has. They can act as the first steps for creating your social media strategy.

This is the first article in a five part series. The first part of this series covers Google+.




At first glance, Google+ hardly seems important. As a personal social networking tool it’s highly confusing and has low adoption described here as “a lack of market traction”.

But the reasons for setting up and controlling your Google+ page are twofold – or threefold if you subscribe to the Google loves Google theory.

  1. Google+ is becoming a business directory and is well engrained in Google Maps.
  2. Your Google+ listing will appear first in branded search results about your company. It’s important you take ownership and control your messaging.
  3. Your Google+ “page” is integrated into Google Analytics for your corporate URL. Google+ also provides insights for how people are interacting with our Google+ page. “Insights” tracks visibility, views from search impressions, driving direction requests and phone calls to your office initiated from your Google+ page.

Go to Google My Business. to claim your company Google+ page.

This is the first of a five part series. The next blogs in the series will cover LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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He’s been both an Adjunct Professor at the University of Western Ontario and an Associate Professor at Centennial College teaching classes on User Experience Design and Client Service for Technology Consultants.

His entire career intersects content and technology. Always on the cutting edge, his masters degree research paper about online newspapers won the top award of his graduate school class.

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